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The Plumber's Helper

Oct. 1, 2008 - Our 48HFP plot line followed an unlikely hero Miles O'Toole as he strived to produce a bit of classic seventies porn. Now the sixty-minute pilot is wrtitten and we're off to pitch it to the LA big-wigs. It will make a wonderful series for cable - and has all the attractive facets for audience approval - nudity, sex, money, gangsters, hollywood, movies, and - let's not forget - backstabbing, love, jealousy,ambition, deciet, incompetence, incontinence and a bitching storyline. You can see the original Miles O'Toole here. As for the new and improved Miles - you'll just have to wait til we sign with Showtime or HBO! Dec. 1 , 2008 - On The Bus has won an Award of Excellence for Short Feature from San Diego's IndieFest. Willie Ford picked up an Award of Merit for direction as did writers Jonathan and Maureen of Fatman Media and Mark Schrier took home an Award of Excellence for his acting in the lead role. It's refreshing to see this dark and disturbing tale earn it's due recognition. On The Bus is the story of man's delicate balance between sanity and grief. It delves deeply into the precsription-hazed existence of a troubled character who has let the tide of grief rise above his head. Look for On The Bus at festivals across the nation.

Jan. 2, 2009 - Shooting wrapped on The Plumber's Helper over a month ago and editing continues in the development of a quirky new sitcom demo from Willie Ford and his band of nefarious miscreants. Hopes are that the theatrical debut will be sometime in January or early February, in the meantime visit the website and get on their mailing list! The Plumber's Helper is the story of a group of roommates who aren't quite as clever as Larry David and really aren't Friends at all. It's a quick peek into the lives of seven oddly familiar characters who do their best to make their way in the world today. Sitcoms produced in ABQ, that's fucked up 'bout that!